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Organic Premium Yoga Mat - 4mm

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The Organic Premium Yoga Mat combines a fantastic grip and good shock absorption with non-toxic materials. It is manufactured with consideration for people and our planet - an ecological favourite. Organic premium is Yogiraj's most requested carpet over the years, and perhaps also the most well-known. Some call it cult carpet, we call it the bestseller.

Dimensions: 183 cm x 60 cm x 4 mm

Made with 100% natural rubber and jute fabric


Clean the carpet with carpet cleaner designed for organic carpets or a diluted organic apple cider vinegar (50/50) and a damp cloth or sponge. We do not recommend cleaning with only water as it dries out faster then. Do not put the eco-mat in the washing machine and do not rinse/rinse it, this will accelerate the biodegradation of the material and will destroy your mat. 

Organic yoga mats have a characteristic scent and the fact that they emit this scent is a certificate that they are made of genuine, organic natural rubber, free from toxic substances and chemicals. However, this scent evaporates over time. 


When it comes to natural rubber carpets, there are also some things to keep in mind so that the carpet has a longer life, here are some tips:
- The mat should not be used together with a yoga towel with nubs (e.g. Skidless) as these wear on the mat. Use a cotton mat instead.
- Store your natural rubber mat rolled up in a dry and dark environment, preferably in a closet and/or in a yoga bag. If the rug is wet, let it dry before rolling it up.
- Avoid both direct and indirect sunlight for longer durability and avoid placing it near heat sources such as elements as higher heat dries out the natural rubber and the yoga mat will feel slippery.
- A side effect of products made from natural rubber is that oxidation (changes in color and structure) can occur. Oxidation is a natural process and starts when you remove the plastic from your new carpet. It is therefore important that you also remove the cardboard label at the same time, because otherwise there will be a color difference if you remove it at a later time. The oxidation does not affect the properties of the mat, such as the grip, but is mostly about the fact that the color can fade/change.