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OI Liquid Luster 300ml

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Liquid Luster is an easy-to-use product that softens and provides extreme shine and gloss to the hair. The product has no processing time and is applied between shampoo and conditioner (rinsed out). Contains roucou oil for a high level of shine, alpha-hydroxy acid that closes the cuticle layer, thus enhancing shine, and cardoon extract - a easily biodegradable oil that facilitates even distribution in the hair, providing shine and making the hair easy to style/manage.


Step 1. Shampoo the hair and squeeze out all excess water.

Step 2. Apply Liquid Luster directly to the hair, ensuring the entire length is thoroughly moisturized. Use 20 ml for short hair and 40 ml for long hair.

Step 3. Finish with OI Conditioner or OI Butter.

You can also add OI Oil or OI Milk for the perfect blow-dry.