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Leif x Armadillo Barefoot Rug Cleaner 375ml

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Barefoot is a plant-based rug refresher and concentrated spot cleaner that is gentle on natural fibres. Developed specifically for wool, native essential oil of Eucalyptus Blue Mallee delivers a fresh, camphorous aroma that uplifts the senses as it revitalises the rugs underfoot. Packaged in a 100% recyclable bottle, the cleaner is non-toxic, biodegradable and made in Australia. 

Created in collaboration with Armadillo, Barefoot was born from a shared design philosophy that is both distinctive and sustainable.



Eucalyptus Blue Mallee – revives and refreshes with antibacterial properties.

For cleaning: Ethanol Denat, Sodium Citrate and Coco Glucoside – work to gently lift grease and stains and reduce oily residues without stripping away natural wool fibres.